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The pump is used for periodical plastic grease or oil feeding to machine friction nodes through two-way feeders (dosing distributors). It is recommended for use in high-load machines and devices with up to 50 lubrication points, located short distances from each other and requiring intensive lubrication (e.g. machines and devices in ironworks, steelworks, non-ferrous metal smelters, mining industry, building material plants, on ships etc.). The pumps in overflow valve execution (PD 40A-10-... or PD 40B-10-...), working with an electromagnetic distributor located in the lubricating system outside the pump are recommended to serve machines and devices set in a line and a long distance from each other. Pumps in the hydraulic distributor execution (PD 40A-30-... or PD 40B-30-...) are recommended to serve machines and devices not located in a line and at short distances from each other. The pumps of PD 40-10 execution may also be used in other systems, e.g. progressive ones.

The pump consists of the following assemblies:
- lubricator tank with a feed mechanism
- power unit comprising an engine, two gears: a roll and a worm one, as well as a connecting rod assembly with a crosshead all assembled in a common body,
- two forcing units comprising bodies, pistons coupled with slides of the connecting rod assembly with a crosshead and return valves,
- an overflow valve located at the outlet of the pump or hydraulic control distributor comprising a body, slides and an overflow valve.