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The pump is designed to lubricate friction nodes in machines and devices through dosing distributors (twoway feeders). It is recommended for use in high-load machines and devices, with a large number of lubrication points located at long distances and requiring intensive lubrication, e.g. in ironworks, steelworks, non-ferrous metal smelters, strip mines, building material plants, cement mills, sugar factories and other complexes with similar equipment and work conditions. The pump in overflow valve execution (PD 11), working with an electromagnetic distributor located in the lubricating system outside the pump, is recommended to serve machines and devices set in a line and a long distance from each other. In the hydraulic distributor execution (PD 31), the pump is recommended to serve machines and devices not located in a line and at short distance from each other. The pump with an overflow valve (PD 11) may be used in other types of lubrication systems.

The pump consists of the following units (Fig. 1):
- a tank with a grease feeding device,
- a drive unit comprising an electrical motor, single-stage worm gear put into a common body with a cam power transmission system,
- two forcing units comprising forcing elements in which pistons receive power from the cam power transmission system, return valves and pressure conduits,
- an overflow valve located on the body of the power transmission system at the grease outlets from the forcing units or form the hydraulic distributor with an overflow valve and miniature connector
mating one of the distributor's slides, and miniature connector mating one of the distributor’s slides,
- an electric device signalling the minimum and maximum level of lubricant in the tank (special accessory).