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The water still is designed for purification of water from dissolved minerał salts and gases by distillation. lt is used in laboratories and health service centres.

The water still is free-standing apparatus intended for continuous operation. All parts being in contact with water or steam are made of brass or copper and coated with pure tin. In the cooler of the water still, a dephlegmator is fixed in order to protect the distillate against unevaporated water particles. The water still is equipped with a flow controller which keeps the water supply on the level
that makes the lowest water consumption possible together with nominał performance of the distillate. The water still is also equipped with safety devices which protect apparatus against
demage in case of any disturbance in water supply:
- pressure sensor that cuts off the power if the water supply pressure drops below the pressure level-indispensable for correct performance of the apparatus
- water level sensor that cuts off the power if the water level in boiler is lowered.