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The pump is designed to force plastic grease from drums (barrels) of 200 dm3 capacity (acc. to BN-76/5046-03) to tanks of central lubrication pumps, e.g. type PA, PD and others. It may be used to fill other containers with plastc grease as well.

The filling pump consists of a gear pump being the forcing unit, an electrical motor, a clutch connecting the motor shaft with the gear pump shaft, a mantle with a rubber flange which makes the barrel cover, a feeding screw, double-speed gear transmission built in the pump body and a flexible hose with a screwed end. There are two aeration valves on the pump mantle while in the body, at the grease-
-forcing way, there is an overflow (safety) valve. The crane consist of a job with pulleys, a rope, a clamping ring with clips and a cargo whip. The cargo whip consists of a barrel, crank, ratchet coupling, clamp rope guide and a rope with a hook. The pump is suspended under the crane rope with a clamp.