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The lubrication stand is designed to lubricate friction nodes in vehicle chasses and machines. Lubricant
is fed to the reception point equipped with a ball nipple by a lubrication gun joined to the pump by a
flaxible hose.

The lubrication stand consist of a lubrication pump of PA 12 or PA12G type (Fig. 2-1), lubrication gun
connected to the pump by flexible hose (Fig. 2-2) and a trolley to move the pump around (Fig.2-3). As an accossory, a filling (forcing) pump of PZ31 type may by added (Fig. 2-4. Pump PA12 or PA12G wich is the basic device of the lubrication stand consists of the following assemblies:
- a tank with a grease feeding device,
- power transmission system comprising an engine, a worm gear and eccentric power transmission system
- two forcing units of different delivery, comprising forcing elements, return valves and pressure conduits,
- control valve comprising a control slide, two verflow valves (the left one equipped with a valve piston movement gauge), inductive contactless switch mating the piston movement gauge and pressure gauge,
- control device mating an inductive proximity sensor placed in the control valve,
- an electric device signalling the minimum and maximum level of lubricant in the tank (special accessory).