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Boiler Blowdown Valves type ODM-2 are pneumatically actuated. They are designed for blowing down
steam boilers and waste- heat boilers. Thanks to the pneumatic actuation, the valves are suitable for supervision-free or controlled supervision service in installations with automatically controlled boiler blowdown process.

The blowdown valve comprises two main functional units:
- valve body,
- pneumatic actuation ODM2, hand lever ODM1.
Valve body is made of carbon steel. Valve seat is made from rolled stainless steel: H17N2. Valve plug is made from 4H13 material and sealed in the bonnet by means of a packing box. Pneumatic actuation unit includes a springloaded pneumatic actuator and a yoke. The spring thrust provides for efficient valve shut-off tightness.
  • For steam & waste-heat boiler blowdown
  • DN 20 - DN 50
  • PN 40
  • With hand or pneumatic servo-motor