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These regulators are meant to maintain the presettable differential pressure in technological circuits that are connected to either the inlet or the outlet of the regulator valve. The regulator cutoffs the low when the control voltage signal is delivered o when the control voltage disappears. These devices are used in heating systems and industrial facilities to control fl ow of cold or hot water, steam, air and non-fl ammable gases. Application for other utilities needs authorization of the manufacturer.

The regulator consists of four detachable major subassemblies: the fl ow control valve (01), actuator (02), adjusting unit (3) and solenoid valve (05). The fl ow control valve is of the single-ported type
Valve – single-ported, with a balanced plug. Body connections – fl anged, with mating surface and gasket excess, to PN-EN 1092-1:2006 and PN-EN 1092-2:1999 for PN10; 16; 25; 40 Face-to-face length to PN-EN 60534-3-1:2000 - Series 1 - for PN10; 16; 25; 40; Series 37 - for CL150; Series 38 - for CL300. Membrane actuator (with active area of the membrane of 160 cm2 or 320 cm2) with half-casings bolted together. Leakage class of the valve of bubble grade (VI class to PN-EN 60534-4) – “soft” seat - PTFE or VMQ (ECOSIL). The adjusting unit for the presettable differential pressure combines three pre tensioned springs and in coaxially installed with both the valve and the actuator.