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Regulators ZSN8 are used to control preset pressure in process installations. Regulators are applied in heating systems, in industrial processes with cold and hot water, steam, air and non-fl ammable gases. Using with other media subject to consulting with manufacturer.

Regulator comprises two main units: valve (01) and actuator (02). Regulator valve single-ported with balanced plug, and fl ow rate preset value adjuster in the form of gradually adjusted packing gland. Flanged connections of valve body with valve face as per PN-EN 1092-1:2006 and PN-EN 1092-2:1999 for PN10; 16; 25; 40 PN-EN 1759-1:2005 for CL150; CL300. Body length as per: PN-EN 60534-3-1:2000 - Series 1 for PN10; 16; 25; 40; Series 37 for CL150; Series 38 for CL300 Diaphragm actuator (diaphragm effective area 160 cm2), with bolted housing and spring allowing to achieve preset pressure drop on adjuster packing gland of 20 [kPa] or 50 [kPa].