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Regulators ZSN9 are used to control preset pressure difference and control fl ow in process installations connected to inlet or outlet of regulator valve. Regulators are applied in heating systems, in industrial processes with cold and hot water, steam, air and non-fl ammable gases. Using with other media subject to consulting with manufacturer.

Regulator comprises four, temporarily connected, main units: valve (01), actuator (02), adjuster (03), and fl ip-fl op (04). Regulator valve singleported with balanced plug, and fl ow rate preset value adjuster in the form of gradually adjusted packing gland. Flanged connections of valve body with valve face as per PN-EN 1092-1:2006 and PN-EN 1092-2:1999 for PN10; 16; 25; 40 PN-EN 1759-1:2005 for CL150; CL300. Body length as per: PN-EN 60534-3-1:2000 – Series 1 for PN10; 16; 25; 40; Series 37 for CL150; Series 38 for CL300 Diaphragm actuator (diaphragm effective area 160; 320 cm2), with bolted housing. Controlled pressure difference value adjuster fi xed coaxially with valve and actuator. Impulse, pressure difference and fl ow rate fl ip-fl op of slider-piston type,
where comparison of controlled pressure difference and controlled flow rate impulses is held.