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Single-ported globe control valves type Z® are used in automatic and remote control systems to control flow of gases and liquids. Wide range of material and design versions make the valves widely sought-after in chemical industry, heat and power generation industry, paper industry, food industry, metallurgy and coal mining (versions for Western Europe market is marked: BR11). CHARACTERISTICS:
  • range of nominal sizes from DN15 to DN250 for pressure values PN10 to CL300,
  • various materials of valve body cast and internal parts, adapted to specific working conditions,
  • wide range of flow ratios and control characteristics,
  • reduction in aggressive and toxic media emissions to environment through application of bellow seal bonnets or bonnet packings meeting requirements of TA - LUFT,
  • easy assembly and dismantlingof valve internal parts for maintenance and service,
  • high durability and reliability due to application of top-class materials and surface improvement processes (burnishing, stelliting, heat treatment, CrN coatings),
  • possibility of mating with reversible action P/R (column) multi-spring actuators and changing the spring range with no extra parts (keeping the number of springs),
  • possibility of fitting actuators with top drive,
  • possibility of performing diagnostics of “valve-actuator” system due to application of smart electro-pneumatic positioners,
  • high tightness of closure due to application of soft valve seats (with PTFE seals in the whole range of flows and characteristics, for valve plugs, balanced and unbalanced,
  • same flow ratios and control characteristics for “hard” valve seats (metal-to-metal) and “soft” valve seats (metal-gasket), for valve plugs, balanced and unbalanced,
  • reliable actuator-stem and valve seat-body connections,
  • small guiding sleeve control forces due to application of balanced valve plugs in valves DN40…250,
  • top-class flat and bonnet packings,
  • wide range of electric actuators,
  • possibility of mating with NN type hand operated drives,
  • possibility of special executions for oxygen, hydrogen, gas fuels, low temperature mediums (liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen), acid gases containing H2S; explosive atmospheres as per 94/9/EC - ATEX,
  • competitive prices – due to simple and functional design of valves and actuators and applied materials,
  • design and production process meets the requirements of Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Directive 97/23/EC, and regulations of AD2000 Merkblatt, designated for installation on pipelines,