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The minimum flow valves are dedicated to be used in the sets for recirculation of the pumps feeding the power boilers. They secure the pumps against hydraulic and heating overloading in the case of low receipt of water by the boiler, thus allowing the minimum flow in the bypass circuit of the pump. FEATURES:
  • structure resistant to cavitation due to the application of multi-stage choking, labyrinth (multi-path) flow path, and selection of proper materials, such as full stellite for the valve head and socket, titanium for the valve pin, highly cured choking cages, alloy cast steel for the body.
  • high leakproofness of the lock,
  • guaranteed external leakproofness, sealed based on the requirements of the TA Luft provisions for the low pressure zone,
  • easy access to the internal elements of the valve,
  • regulation or on-off function,
  • possibility to apply pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drives,
  • wide range of realization, possibility to adapt the valve to individual requirements of a client in terms of the connectors, flow parameters and others
  • additional equipment: quick-drain valve for pneumatic actuators (fast opening), spring shock absorber for hydraulic or electric actuators (flexible clamp of the valve head to the socket).
  • resistance to hydraulic impacts (water hammer),
  • high durability and reliability of operation.