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These valves are used as flow control valves for automatic and remote control systems, for stepless, infinite or ON/OFF flow control in water or steam heating systems as well as for ventilation and air conditioning circuits (HVAC). These valves can be combined with actuators manufactured by Honeywell or Controlmatica.


  • range of nominal diameters from DN15 to DN100 for rated pressured from PN10 to CL300,
  • variety of materials and designs of the valve bodies and internal parts makes it possible to select the most appropriate valve for specific operating conditions,
  • wide range of flow coefficients and characteristic curves for flow control,
  • easy dismantling and disassembling of the valve internal components for inspection and maintenance,
  • high durability and reliability of operation due to usage of top quality materials and techniques for surface treatment (burnishing, stelliting, heat treatment, CrN coatings),
  • combining with electric actuators from Honeywell, types: ML 6420A; ML6425A,B; ML 7420A; ML 7425A,B; M 6421A,B M 7421A,B or Controlmatica type ESL-16,
  • high tightness of closure due to application of soft seats (with PTFE sealing for the full range of flow parameters and characteristic curves,
  • the same flow coefficients and flow control characteristic curves for both “hard” seats (metal-metal) and “soft” seats (metal-sealing ring), as well as for unbalanced and balanced plugs,
  • low values of excessive control forces owing to application of balanced plugs for DN25…100 valves,
  • reliable connections between actuator rods and valve stems as well as between valve seats and bodies,
  • high quality of flat sealing and gland packing,
  • competitive prices – as a result of simple design and high performance of the offered valves and actuators as well as careful selection of applied materials,
  • design and manufacturing procedures conform to requirements of the Quality Assurance System to ISO 9001 as well as Directives 97/23/EC and codes AD2000 Merkblatt as applicable to installation on pipelines.